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Raising Money For a Local Charity - 'Kids'

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Community Spirit

About The 7 Pools Run

The 7 Pools Run is a distinguished 10k cross-country challenge set in the Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, boasting a history of over 25 years. This event isn't just about the thrill of the race; it's also deeply intertwined with a charitable mission. Participants run in support of the Kids charity, dedicated to aiding disabled children in England. All profits from the run will be donated to Kids.

As runners navigate the scenic terrains, they're also contributing to a noble cause, making each step more impactful. Whether you're an avid runner or someone seeking a meaningful endeavor, the 7 Pools Run offers both challenge and purpose.

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How To Enter The Run

Registering for the next run is simple. Sign up in advance and secure your place.

Register Online Before 8th March 2024

Signing up online for the 7 Pools Run offers clear perks: it's cost-effective with early bird discounts and ensures your spot is secured. With its growing popularity, online registration provides peace of mind, guaranteeing your place and saving you money. Don't miss out; register in advance!

On The Day

For those spontaneous runners, you can register for the 7 Pools Run on the event day itself. It's perfect for last-minute decisions when space permits. Just remember, it's cash-only payments on the day, so come prepared and join in the exhilarating challenge!

Count Down Timer
(Date Yet To Be Announced)

Below, you'll find our official countdown timer ticking down to the big day. Let it be your motivation! Start your training now and be race-ready by the time the clock hits zero. Every second counts in preparation and on the track. Lace up and get moving!